Pilgrimage to Israel on 1st – 2nd November 2016

land-of-promiseHave you Booked yet?……………..come come 1st November 2016, Palms Travel Bureau will lead Pilgrims to Israel for 10 Days Trip that is 1-11th November 2016.

Palms Travels Bureau has a wealth of experience in taking pilgrims to different Holy places which makes traveling with us very worthwhile, We will travel to different parts of the country such as Tel Aviv, Galilee, the Golan Heights, the Judean Desert, the Dead Sea, Jerusalem and other biblical destinations to experience the nature, sights and culture of the land.

We believe you will return home full of joy, in the knowledge that you have been a part of the work of the Lord in Israel.  More so, we hope that evangelism will become a way of life for you and that the fire in your heart will ignite many others to do the same!


In every location we bring joy and love to open hearts and make new friends! The Bible will come to life and take on new meaning as you travel through the land where Jesus Christ walked.

In case one misses, we make sure we book them in first for next pilgrimages on the following programs;


22nd December -28 December 2016 in Israel for Christmas Vacation


Easter Israel to make sure we there by good Friday for the way of the cross

28th Oct – 7th sept 2017 Israel again

Get amazed, get value for money.

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