Adult Rehearsal 1/25/08

A visit to various communities will give you a chance to experience a unique and authentic side of Ugandan life, as you eat traditional food, meet the villagers, play with the kids and are guided by experts who have lived here their whole lives. A community tour or homestay is sure to provide one of the most meaningful memories of your Ugandan holiday.

Most importantly your visits will also help some of these communities with few employment opportunities create jobs such as traditional dancers, focal story tellers, tour guides, porters, crafts sellers etc. which provide source of income and discourages them from carrying out non-sustainable activities such as poaching, fishing, logging or gathering firewood from protected forests. Your visit also provides and incentive for communities to value their natural environment and preserve it for future visitors and residents. 


  •  Enjoy local cuisines prepared in very unique ways you have never seen before.
  • Enjoy local folk music and traditional dances
  • Interact with the local and appreciate African tradition in its true and beautiful nature.
  • Give back to the underprivileged through voluntary work.