Palms travel bureau’s ethos is to offer good quality CYCLING tours in the most African Scenaries at affordable prices. We have the following facilities in place to ensure successful biking experiences;


We know that as per our biking itineraries some areas do not have the adequate lodging facilities to house our tourists while on the trail so we have in place tents that we can use.


we have catering team that will prepare the necessary meals while on the trail and when biking trail we set up different water points to enable our tourists refresh themselves and avoid dehydration


We also have a well trained support team to help when ever need arises in cases where bikes need repairs of any kind


We have an ambulance and  a paramedics team to help anyone that may incur injuries


Since part of our biking trail is done in the national parks we have involved Uganda Wild life Authority to provide us with a support team of rangers to protect our tourists while biking in the parks.


In case a tourist does not have their own bicycle we have our own which  we hire out to them at friendly prices. We can also provide the necessary spare parts when ever need arises