Who wants to watch hippos and elephants cool off by taking a deep in the mud and water, climb a snow-capped mountain, explore little-seen terrain, stroll through a tropical rainforest, search for gorillas or chimpanzees or the rare golden monkey, view incredible wildlife scenes, journey up the Nile, explore caves, listen to elephants eating leaves from the tree branches outside your door as you fall asleep, or write in your journal as you watch hippos playing in the channel below?

The National Parks of Uganda are diverse and allow for a variety exotic sights and activities.   Uganda’s National Parks are a door that opens to experiences that cannot be found many, if any, other place in the world.   The journey to the heart of Africa is well worth it.  The wildlife, birds, flora and fauna, trails, and infrastructure at the Parks are kept in fine condition by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).  You will not be disappointed with the investment to take the trip of a lifetime, or even take it for the second or third times!!  Whether you are coming for vacation or are already here working in the country or are planning to give of your time and service or you are Ugandan but just haven’t had the opportunity to reach these parts yet, we at PALMSTRAVEL can create an amazing trip for you!


  • Expect to see the big five in their natural setting
  • Tree climbing lions
  • The largest habitat of primates in Kibale Forest
  • Great meandering rivers and natural fresh water lakes.