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1 Arrival at Entebbe Airport –Transfer to Hotel/Lodge The Boma GH/Cassia Lodge
2 Entebbe/Kampala (city tour) B-L-D The Boma GH/Cassia Lodge
3 Entebbe/Kampala (The Kabaka’s trail) B-L-D The Boma GH/Cassia Lodge
4 Entebbe/Kampala – Ssezibwa Falls – Jinja (boat source of the Nile) B-L-D The Nile Porch
5 Bigwala dance troupe – Mbale B-L-D Mbale Resort Hotel
   6 Mbale (Bagisu culture & guided walk Sipi Falls) B-L-D Mbale Resort Hotel
7 Mbale – Nyero Rock Paintings – Soroti B-L-D Soroti Hotel
8 Soroti – Kaabong/Kidepo Valley National Park B-L-D Nga´Moru Wilderness Camp
9 Kaabong (visit the Mantheniko tribe village) B-L-D Nga´Moru Wilderness Camp
10 Kaabong (visit the Dodoth tribe village) B-L-D Nga´Moru Wilderness Camp
11 Kidepo Valley National Park (game drive & guided game walk) B-L-D Nga´Moru Wilderness Camp
12 Kidepo Valley National Park (game drive) – Gulu (cultural activities) B-L-D Gulu Churchill Courts
13 Gulu – Murchison Falls  National Park (boat cruise & top of the falls) B-L-D Fort Murchison Lodge
14 Murchison Falls  National Park (Game drive) – Hoima (cultural visits) B-L-D Kontiki Hotel
15 Hoima – Fort Portal (visit Amabere ga nyinamwiru, caves & craters) B-L-D Kibale Forest Camp
16 Kibale Forest National Park (chimps tracking & town tour) B-L-D Kibale Forest Camp
17 Kibale Forest NP – Semliki Valley NP (guided walk, hots springs & visit the Twa) B-L-D Kibale Forest Camp
18 Kibale Forest NP –Rubona community – Queen Elizabeth NP B-L-D Bush Lodge
19 Queen Elizabeth National Park (game drive & boat cruise Kazinga) B-L-D Bush Lodge
20 Queen Elizabeth National Park – Bwindi Impenetrable NP B-L-D Engagi Lodge/Gorilla Safari Lodges
21 Bwindi Impenetrable National Park B-L-D Engagi Lodge/Gorilla Safari Lodges
22 Bwindi Impenetrable NP – Entebbe (Departure) B-L

Meal Plan B: Breakfast / L: Lunch / D: Dinner

  • Detailed Itinerary


    On arrival at the Entebbe International Airport, you will meet and greet your guide from Palms Travel. You will receive a briefing from the guide and then transfer to your hotel for an overnight. Dinner is not included. Overnight at the Boma Guest House/Cassia Lodge

    Day 2:   KAMPALA (CITY TOUR)kampala city at night

    After breakfast at the hotel, you will go for a city tour of Kampala city. You will Independance monument-of-ugandahave a chance to see the independence monument, walk through the commercial area of Kampala (markets and parks), and visit the cathedrals (catholic & protestant), the Bahai Temple and gadaffi mosque in old Kampala, visit the National Museum, the National Theater and the Martyrs shrines in Namugongo. We will have lunch and then transfer to Ndere Cultural Centre for different traditional dances from various cultures of Uganda. You too might be required to participate in the traditional dances while dressed traditionally; it is a very exciting moment. Dinner and overnight at the Boma Guest House/Cassia Lodge

    Day 3:   THE KABAKA’S TRAIL (BUGANDA PEOPLE)Kasubi_Tombs-Palms

    Early morning breakfast and with our packed lunch, we shall visit the Kabaka’s Palace. You will have a chance to learn about the hidden and forgotten history of the Buganda people, as well their traditional culture (music/dance, hand craft making, spiritual healing methods and story-telling). We shall start wKabaka Anjagala Road a stretch to Bulange Mengoith the historical Buganda Royal tombs in Kasubi, the traditional burial place for the kings of Buganda. We shall listen to a brief history of the Buganda Kingdom and also have the chance to sit in the biggest grass-thatched house in the world. You will have a chance to see the bark cloth made from the inner bark of the Mutuba tree (Ficus natalensis).  The guide will explain very well how the back cloth was used in the past and now.  We will then continue to the Kabaka’s lake (manmade Lake) where your guide will tell you stories about it. Afterwards, you will visit the Naggalabi – Buddo coronation site, before returning to the hotel for overnight. Dinner and overnight at the Boma Guest House/Cassia Lodge


    After an early breakfast, we will transfer to the Ssezibwa falls. This is a place of rituals and cultural beliefs with the myth that the river was born of a woman. It is an active shrine which hosts a big snake in one of the rock shelters which feeds on eggs and ritual objects brought by supplicants who seek fertility and riches. After sightseeing we shall continue to our lodge for lunch. In the afternoon, we will take a motor boat the source of the Nile. On our way to the source of the Nile, you will have a chance to see lots of water birds and some reptiles. Dinner and overnight at The Nile Porch (tents)


    After breakfast, we transfer to the Bigwala dance troupe centre of the Basoga community. Basoga are a Bantu-speaking people who are primarily subsistence agricultural farmers. “Bigwala” is a Lusoga language term that refers to a set of five or more monotone gourd trumpets of different sizes. The music of the trumpets and the dance performed to that music are both called Bigwala. Five drums accompany Bigwala music and they include a big drum “Ngoma enene”, a long drum “Omugabe”, short drum “Endyanga”, a medium-sized drum “Mbidimbidi” and a small drum “Enduumi”, each of which plays a specific role in the set. Bigwala heritage is of significant Palace/Royal importance because of its ritualistic role during burial of kings, coronations and their anniversaries and stands as one of the main symbols of Busoga kingship. Lunch and you will proceed to Mbale town for an overnight. Dinner and overnight at Mbale Resort Hotel


    After breakfast, we will visit the Bagisu in the slopes of Mt. Elgon to experience their life style and culture, with performances like the imbalu (circumcision) and kadodidance.We will visit the Mutoto site, a very important cultural / heritage site in this region. It’s a place where the annual tribal circumcision ceremony is launched. The Bagisu from the Mount Elgon region are known for their Circumcision (Imbalu) ceremony that occurs only in even years. The circumcision practice is done to initiate young boys into Manhood. After lunch, we will visit the famous Sipi falls and take an excursion up to the bottom of the falls. Dinner and overnight at Mbale Resort Hotel

    Day 7:  MBALE- SOROTIimbalu Dance

    After breakfast, we will head to Kumi to view the Nyero Rock paintings. It is an Early Iron Ages site and the rock paintings, the paintings represent canoes, animals and other art impressions (believed to have been painted over 400 years ago). These rocks are recognized as some of the finest rock paintings in East Africa and are surrounded by some intrigue and mystery. We shall also have a chance to interact with some communities. Dinner and overnight at Soroti Hotel


    After breakfast we will depart to the Karamoja region where you will experience the culture of Uganda’s little-known semi-nomadic herders through stories and interaction with locals. We shall visit some of the communities and listen to their history; explore their livelihoods, religion, traditional medicine, familial bonds, migrations, ceremonies and conflicts of a proud indigenous group long misunderstood. According to anthropologists, the Karamojong are part of a group that migrated from present-day Ethiopia around 1600 A.D and split into two branches: one branch moved to present day Kenya to form the Kalenjin group and Maasai cluster and the other branch called Ateker migrated westwards. The Atekers group further split into several groups that include Turkana in Kenya, in Uganda (Iteso, Dodoth, Jie, Karamojong, and Kumam) and in South Sudan (Jiye and Toposa). And all these groups are the ones we refer to as the “Teso Cluster” or “Karamojong Cluster”. Return to the lodge for an overnight. Dinner and overnight at Nga´Moru Wilderness Camp


    Lokwii Nakuro lives close to the town of Kotido. The old Karimojong women lost her husband during a attempted cattle raid, when he was shot in front of his hut. Now she struggles with the rest of her family to eke out a living by farming.


    After breakfast, we will visit the Dodoth and learn more about their culture. We will visit several families and learn more about their lifestyles. The Dodoth are mainly cattle keepers and are a proud group within the Karamoja region. We will later return to the lodge for overnight. Dinner and overnight at Nga´Moru Wilderness Camp


    Early breakfast and transfer to Kidepo Valley NP where you will go for a game drive in search of the greater and lesser kudus, elands and carnivores like the cheetahs, lions, leopards, spotted hyenas and black-backed and side-striped jackals plus other large species like the elephants, Burch ell’s zebras, bush pigs, warthogs, Rothschild’s giraffes, Cape buffalos, bushbucks, bush duikers, waterbucks, Bohor reedbucks, Jackson’s hartebeests, oribis, etc. We will return to the camp for lunch and relax for some minutes. In the afternoon/evening go for a game walk with a ranger guide, across Kakine and through the Koppies. The guided walk takes approximately 2½ hours, and it creates a great experience to visitors walking through open savannah grassland with gentle downhill gradients. The area is conducive to viewers, being able to see from a close distance large herds of heart beasts, zebras, buffalos and sometimes during dry seasons the elands. There is also a chance to climb the small rocky koppies that are sometimes frequented by lions. Dinner and overnight at Nga´Moru Wilderness Camp


    After breakfast, drive to Gulu Museum at KalKwaro and the Acholi Cultural Chief’s homestead. We will also visit Bakers Fort at Patiko returning early to visit a cultural center to have a taste of the Acholi culture through dance and performance.  Dinner and overnight at Gulu Churchill Courts Hotel


    After an early morning breakfast, we will proceed to Murchison Falls National Park. You will have lunch at Paraa Safari Lodge before heading for a boat cruise to the bottom of the falls. Depending on the level of the group’s fitness, the pax will hike to the top of the falls. You will be picked by your driver guide from the top of the falls and transferred to your lodge for an overnight. Dinner and overnight at Fort Murchison Lodge


    Rise early and have coffee at the hotel lobby from 5:50 to 6:10 am then set off for your early morning game drive. You will have the chance to view game like the Jackson’s Hertbeast, Uganda kob, elephants, giraffe , lion, oribi, hippos  and many others including birds depending on the luck of the day. In the afternoon, you will proceed to Hoima where you will visit the Bujumbura cathedral and Karuzika Palace the official residence of the King of Bunyoro and get to know the origin of the Bunyoro Kingdom. Visit Mparo tombs which are a royal burial ground for the kings of Bunyoro Kingdom. Be entertained by the Banyoro cultural dancers from the locals. The kingdom of Bunyoro is as a result of three dynasties; the Batembuzi dynasty, the Bachwezi dynasty and the Babiito dynasty.

    Dinner and overnight at Kontiki Hotel

    Day 15:   HOIMA – FORT PORTAL

    After breakfast, we will transfer to Fort Portal Town. We shall have several stopovers for sightseeing and at also take photos of tea plantations. Lunch at the hotel and we shall have a brief visit to the Amabere Ga’ nyina Mwiiru Caves and the falls in Canon Apollo beforeclimbing on Nyakasura hills where you will have a magnificent view of Saaka crater lakes.  Dinner and overnight at Kibale Forest Camp


    Early breakfast and depart to Kibale Forest NP headquarters for briefing. Thereafter, you will go for a guided chimpanzee tracking. Other primates that can be ssen are phoestes, red Columbus, blues, red tailed and grey cheeked mangabey, etc. Return to the hotel for lunch and in the afternoon you will visit the Toro kingdom palace and Karambi tombs. The palace is built on famous Kabarole hill overlooking the beautiful historical Fortportal town. Relax for lunch at your Hotel. Return to the Hotel for an overnight. Dinner and overnight at Kibale Forest Camp

    Day 17:   FORT PORTAL – SEMULIKI VALLEY NATIONAL PARKbatwa-experience-in Bwindi forest

    After early breakfast, we will drive to Semuliki Valley National Park. We will visit the Sempaya hot springs with a boiling geyser (103) C which spurts up to 2m-high from a white, iced cake-like base of precipitated mineral. This water also bubbles in small pools in which an egg can be cooked. We shall also do a forest walk with a chance to see lots of bird species, reptiles, primates and different tree species. Lunch at Semuliki safari lodge, visit the Ntande hills the home to the Batwa from Ituri forest. We will interact with Twas and the communities that live with them. Return to the hotel for an overnight. Dinner and overnight at Kibale Forest Camp


    After an early breakfast, we proceed to the Bakonjo village at Ruboni near the foot hills of Rwenzori Mountains and spend the some with the Bakonjo Community, visit the traditional healer (Chesesa), receive some of their entertainment. We will then proceed to Queen Elizabeth for an overnight.  Dinner and overnight at Bush Lodge


    In the early morning we go for a game drive in Kasenyi area in search of lions, buffalos, elephants, warthogs, baboons, bushbucks, waterbucks, Uganda Kobs and other antelopes. We will then return to the lodge for breakfast, and relax until lunch time. In the afternoon we will go for a boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel (2 hours approx.) on a look out for the large schools of hippos, herds of buffalos, elephants, antelopes and lots of water birds. You the go for a game drive in the crater lakes region of Katwe.Dinner and overnight at Bush Lodge


    After breakfast, you will be transferred to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest NP. You will transfer to one of the Gorilla tracking sectors.  Dinner and Overnight at your place of accommodation.

    Ruhijia: Ruhija Gorilla Safari Lodge (superior rooms)

    Rushaga: Nshongi Gorilla Safari Lodge

    Buhoma: Engagi Lodge


    After an early breakfast you will have a briefing by a ranger guide and then enter the gorilla sanctuary for your adventure.  The beauty of this rain forest is spectacular.  The area offers dramatic steeply forested landscape and is incredibly dense, but cress-crossed by numerous animal trails allowing access to tourists. The time taken and the terrain vary with the movements of these great primates. The thrill of spending time observing these gentle and endangered giants is an awesome, exciting experience to be long savored. Many find it to be a rare and moving opportunity. Dinner and Overnight as previous.


    Early breakfast and transfer to Entebbe for your departure flight. We will cross the evergreen mountainous country side (Kigezi mountains) commonly referred to as the “Switzerland of Africa”, Mbarara town (home of the long horned cattle, you have a chance to take photos of the cattle) and the Uganda equator where we will stop for photos. We shall have lunch at a restaurant en route.

    End of Services provided by Palms Travel

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    We have got Comfortable 4WD vehicles that are specifically designed with large windows, comfortable seats, and large open roof so that you don’t miss that special moment on your safari. Our Land Cruisers offer seats for 5-6 people to ensure that everybody has a window seat and that luggage can be stored well. Besides the Land Cruisers, we also own several 4WD minibuses which take up 20 people to cater for those groups that would like to travel together and not in separate small vehicles.Coasta
    – A 4×4 safari vehicle driven by an English speaking driver/guide. Exclusive use of vehicle.

    – Back up vehicle

    We know the guide is the key to a great safari. we also have a team of highly Qualified and professional in house tour guides that speak fluent English, French, Spanish and Germany. They have an extensive knowledge of the country, its culture,flora and fauna. They know the hidden places of unparalleled beauty. Above all, they are sensitive to your needs and will take care of you meticulously. You will notice that within a short period of time, they will not only be your guide but have become

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    Uganda has a wide range of standards when it comes to places to stay – from five star hotels and first class luxury lodges to rustic bush camps and guesthouses. We carefully select the most suitable accommodations for your itinerary, based on location, facilities, atmosphere and personal touch. But no matter how different in style and location these accommodations might be, they all have one thing in common: a genuine warm and hospitable welcome that a visitor to Uganda is entitled to experience!
    So it is important for the client let us know the category of accommodation they wish to stay in.

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  • Services Included

    • All activities and park entrance fees as indicated in the itinerary.
    • A 4×4 Van driven by an English speaking driver/guide. Exclusive use of vehicle.
    • Mineral water en route except during meals.
    • Pick up and drop off at the airport.
    • All transfers as per the itinerary
    • All the accommodation and meals as indicated in the itinerary

    Services not Included

    • International flights in and out of the country.
    • All services not indicated in the itinerary (any of the optional activities).
    • Drinks: sodas, wines, whiskies, brandies, beers, etc
    • Ugandan visas: single entry visa costs US$50 and it is required for all countries that require visas for Uganda (principle of reciprocity). Can be obtained on arrival at the airport.
    • Medical and travel insurance
    • Tips, telephone expenses, etc