Location: Jerusalem

In Jerusalem we lead you to;Bethlehem

  • Ascend to Jerusalem, the city of God and take a drive through the shepherds fields of Bethlehem as you visit the birth place of Jesus marked by the Basilica of the church of Nativity and the milk of Grotto
  • Visit Ein-Karem the birth place of John the Baptist ad proceed to Mt Zion , upper room where the disciples encountered the holy spirit
  • Visit Bethany, home of Mary and Martha and the site of the tomb of Lazarus and later drive to Israel museum and model to behold the whole of Israel in one place
  • Proceed to Mount of Olives for a panoramic view of the old city of Jerusalem. Start by the Ascension site then go to where Jesus taught the apostles how to pray OUR FATHER
  • Follow the footsteps of Jesus -Palm Sunday path to the Garden of Gethsemane, palace of Caiaphas, Via Dolorosa-Damascus Gate (way of the cross) proceed to Golgotha and Calvary where Jesus was nailed on the cross wind up at the Garden Tomb.
  • End your trip with a visit to Emmaus a town mentioned in the Gospel of Luke from the New Testament where Luke reports that Jesus appeared, after his death and resurrection, before two of his disciples while they were walking on the road to Emmaus.