In Murchison Falls National Park.


1- The hot air balloon can fly up to a height of 10,000 ft above sea level however for visibility we fly at tree top level to see the different animals in the park. The pilot then elevates to a maximum of 1000 ft (about 330m) above ground level which provides visibility a bird-eye view of the whole parkthe Murchison Falls, or Lake

2- Sunrise and Sunsets are beautiful views from a higher level, this gives the opportunity for guests to witness a breathtaking moment.

3- Bush breakfast for Sunrise package offers the uniqueness of having a continental breakfast offered by Paraa Safari lodge professional chefs in the bush. The bush breakfast is secured with rangers provided by UWA.

4- All associated transport from the collection point and back are taken care off by special 4×4 Safari vehicles.

5- Despite using professional Pilots with 1000+ hrs of experience, Flight insurance fully secures and covers passengers, third parties, the balloon and the pilot.

6- The company, Balloon, pilots and crew are fully licensed by Ugandan Civil Aviation Authority under the strict regulation of ICAW to operate Hot air balloons. We are also licensed by NEMA, and other general licensing and governing bodies.

7- Passengers are awarded with a participating certificate and occasionally souvenirs from the company depending on availability of stock.


There are many shapes and sizes of balloons, most of them are the regular cone shaped balloons, or what is known as balloon shape. The size of the balloon is quantified with the amount of air the balloon can carry. The bigger the volume of air the more weight the balloon can hold and thus the higher number of passengers it can accommodate. There are many different sizes of balloons used for tour safaris, the common ones are:

– 100,000 cubic feet (small balloon)

 – 160,000 cubic feet (medium balloon)

 – 210,000 cubic feet (large balloon)

– 360,000 cubic feet (extra-large balloon)

– 500,000 cubic feet (group balloon)


hot-air-ballon-safaris view-of-animals-while-in-the-ballon

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